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5 Year Old Girl Allowed to Attend Public School with Medical Cannabis

The court verdict issued on the 35th of July has been one of the first of its kind since cannabis legalization. 5-year-old Brooke Adams has been given the legal green light to attend her first year of kindergarten with her medicine. A Californian administrative court ruled on July 25ththat the cannabis medication, essential for the first year kindergartner, could be brought onto school property. What Brooke Adams Uses the Cannabis Medication For While many members of the public have heard of the potential benefits of cannabis since cannabis legalization, not many know the specifics of what cannabis can do as a medicine. Additionally, many may not be fully aware of how essential of a medicine it is for some. Young children like Brooke, suffering from Dravet’s Syndrome, a very rare and dangerous form of Epilepsy, rely on the cannabis medicine to stop prolonged and potentially fatal seizures. Brooke uses CBD …

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