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Marijuana: Brief Guide on Seizure Disorders

Ever since cannabis became mainstream, accepted by almost everybody, it has morphed into the latest breakthrough in medical science. Cannabis therapy is the newest trend for a variety of mild to severe health problems, but for epileptics and those with other seizure disorders, marijuana may well prove essential. Folks are ditching dangerous anti-seizure medications for a safer, more effective solution. Treating seizures is not easy. It requires a specific cocktail of chemicals not too widely available, not just over-the-counter medications that may or may not help manage it, some of which have harmful side effects or prove completely ineffective. According to the Epilepsy Foundation, Epidiolex, a concentrate of cannabidiol, or CBD, is the first FDA-approved cannabis therapy specifically for seizure disorders. Numerous scientific papers confirm the effectiveness of CBD in treating patients with epilepsy, even in those as young as two-years-old. This is why desperate families are ordering weed delivery …

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