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How Marijuana Helps in Brain Development

We all grew up listening to everyone telling us to avoid marijuana, with unfounded claims of it killing brain cells, even causing brain damage. Turns out, this is untrue and science proves it. Abundant evidence already exists showing how phytocannabinoids, that in cannabis, help with epilepsy, post-traumatic stress disorder, sleep disorders, anxiety, creativity problems, even cancer. However, emerging evidence is giving credence to the role marijuana can play in boosting brain development, with more folks ordering marijuana delivery than ever. In fact, recent studies provide very promising data only cementing the benefits of cannabis, especially concerning cognitive function, concentration difficulties, such as attention-deficit disorder and hyperactivity, as well as neurogenesis. Neurogenesis: What Is It? Neurogenesis the process of growing new neurons. This happens all the time and scientists believe it is responsible for improving cognitive function, especially around memory and learning. Most neurogenesis occurs in the womb, while you are still …

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