Medical Marijuana in Australia

Australian States Cannot Agree on Medical Marijuana

Last week, the New South Wales state government denied terminally ill and chronic pain sufferers access to medical cannabis. It blocked a law attempting to decriminalize marijuana possession for people suffering severe medical ailments. The legislation would have enabled legitimate patients to possess up to 15 grams of cannabis for medical purposes. Introduced by the Labor Party and blocked by the Liberal Legislative Assembly, the proposed bill was actually the result of recommendations from a bipartisan parliamentary inquiry tasked with investigating the use of marijuana for medical patients. Despite this, and despite no bipartisanship presence at the time of voting, the LLA voted against it. According to a statement made by NSW Labor Leader, Luke Foley, “By refusing to pass this legislation, the NSW Government has put up an unnecessary hurdle for sufferers of terminal and chronic illnesses. It is deeply disappointing that the Government has denied legislation that will …

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