Medical marijuana in Los Angeles

Medical Marijuana and Glaucoma

Glaucoma is one of the many diseases in which medical marijuana plays a chief role in helping patients. With the sales of medical marijuana increasing in the states like Colorado, Washington, California, Oregon and Alaska; most think the procession will soon been legalized throughout the country. It is easier than ever to receive a medical recommendation, for medical marijuana if you are a Glaucoma patient. This can be done without the consultation of an ophthalmologist. But the bigger question; does medical marijuana really works in treating glaucoma? What is glaucoma? It is a condition of eye in which the optic nerve gets damaged over time and thus reduces the vision of eye. This can also lead to blindness over time if it left untreated; or if it is not treated with the proper medication. Glaucoma effects the patient when pressure leads and damages the optic nerve. In some cases Glaucoma …

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