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More Iowa Employers Scratching Weed from Drug Tests

Business owners in Iowa are doing more than ever to find the best employees for the job. They are being more proactive about recruiting, and they are trying to hire workers faster. They are even dropping some drugs from their screening processes in non-transportation, private sector occupations, most notably marijuana, which the state plans to legalize for medical purposes by the end of the year. James Reidy, a lawyer from New Hampshire specializing in management-side labor and employment, claims that more and more companies have been shifting away from compulsory cannabis testing over the last six months. “But,” he said, “They are not necessarily advertising it.” This is the first big drug policy shift in the workplace since widespread screening began three decades ago. However, after surveying multiple job placement firms in central Iowa, the Des Moines Register found that, while the move away from weed testing is occurring in …

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