Medical Marijuana Strains 2014

The Medical Marijuana Strains 2014

There are a variety of medical marijuana strains that have been quite popular in relieving stress and providing a relaxing sensation in 2014. Here are some of the top and most debated marijuana strains of the year. The Jilly bean marijuana strain This is a strain that offers a sweet flavor with a fruity bud that tastes very close to pineapples and jelly beans. The orange velvet strain of cannabis was crossed with space queen strain of cannabis to produce the Indica variety of this strain. This strain does have a lot of sticky resin and is of a dark green; resembling the forest color with a few red hair strands here and there. This provides the smoker with a rich flavor and a great light-headed feeling. It is sometimes used to treat unceasing pain and relieves stress as well and is mostly used in daytime. Ingrid strain of marijuana …

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