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New Regulations Forcing Pot Growers in Humboldt County to Move

California’s legal pot industry is just now starting to get off the ground and communities statewide are still scrambling to sort out the rules for it. However, the key for success, according to some, just might lie in one of the state’s most remote counties, the decades-long epicenter of weed cultivation, better known as Humboldt County. “We build more redwood fencing than anywhere else in the world,” said Rex Bohn, Humboldt County Supervisor. “Nobody ever tells me we have great fences, but they all want to know about the marijuana industry because so much has been made of it.” His district is home to some of the biggest and oldest cannabis farms in California. Many of these sites were once operating illegally, some at least within the “gray market,” where they were happily growing so-called “medical” weed. Now, the county most famous for putting ganja on the map is attempting …

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