Mega-Cultivation of Medical Marijuana

Michigan Approves Mega-Cultivation of Medical Marijuana

According to an advisory released on Thursday, Michigan is welcoming medical marijuana companies warmly and inviting them to grow large-scale operations. When the Legislature passed bills for medical cannabis last year, it created three license-classes for cultivators: Class A permits up to 500 plants, Class B up to 1,000 plants, and Class C up to 1,500 plants. This week’s rules advisory release, however, has specific language written into it that allows one individual or company to apply for as many Class C licenses as they desire, which will open up Michigan’s marijuana market to mega cultivation. A spokesperson for the State Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, David Harns, explained in a statement: “The stacking of Class C grow licenses is a more efficient way for the State Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs to keep track of large grows in the state.” He said that “Stacking will also allow …

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