Military Veterans Support for Medical Marijuana

Military Veterans Give Strong Support for Marijuana

A recent poll released by Gallup showed the vast majority of Americans in favor of legalizing weed. In fact, by poll’s end, an astounding 64 percent want it legal, with nearly everyone now approving of accessible medical use. Now, the American Legion released the results of its own survey, which shows extensive support for the legalization and research of medical marijuana among military veterans. Commissioned by the American Legion, the country’s biggest organization for veterans, the survey polled both veterans themselves and their faithful caregivers back in early October. The results showed 81 percent of military veterans in favor of legalizing medical use, and happy to get a medical marijuana card and comply with a system similar to the program for medical marijuana in California. Veterans Need Medical Pot More Than Most In an interview with The Cannabist, Joe Plenzler, American Legion’s spokesperson, said that, “We already know that greater …

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