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Effects of Weed on Your Daily Workout

The latest trend among exercise fanatics is controversial. More people are smoking pot before each workout routine. This seems more than far-fetched. The very idea appears counterproductive. Those that do it, however, are reaping the rewards. Yes, we are talking about effects of weed, the same psychoactive stuff that singes lungs, watery eyes, causes giggle fits and leaves you with vacant stares. Cannabis and Its Effects on Exercise It turns out that a pre-exercise toke promises a highly effective way to maximize your workout. Not all pot lovers are couch potatoes beloved by pizza outlets. Some are dominating your aerobic classes. That rippled man at the gym probably smoked a blunt before doing those 250-pound squats. That unbeatable treadmill woman likely also loves weed. They could all be stoners. You just do not know it. So why all the brouhaha? Why are so many professional athletes using cannabis to boost …

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