New Jersey Legalize Marijuana

New Jersey Gearing to Legalize Recreational Marijuana

On May 15, Democratic State Senator Nicholas Scutari announced the latest bill for recreational marijuana in New Jersey. The legislation, if approved, will allow adults to possess an ounce of weed, 16 ounces of solid cannabis infusion, 72 ounces of liquid pot infusion, or seven grams of concentrated marijuana products. However, it does not allow for cultivation at home. The legislative bill would legalize, regulate and tax recreational cannabis throughout the state. It also establishes a regulatory authority, namely the Division of Marijuana Enforcement, to oversee all of this. It will also tax all legal cannabis sales in New Jersey anywhere from 7 percent to 25 percent over a five-year period. Medical pot is already legal, and this bill will make this the ninth state to legalize adult use. To become law, both legislative houses must pass this bill and the governor must sign it. However, Republican Governor Chris Christie …

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