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People Who Smoke Weed Have Smaller Waistlines!

Medical studies have shown that people who smoke weed are far less likely to suffer from obesity than those who don’t. So, if you fall into that overweight category of the population who is trying to shed fat pounds, read on… The effects of marijuana on the human metabolism has been the subject of research for several decades and one of those, dating back 40 years ago, found that people who smoked pot had faster metabolic rates. The outcome of this study was printed in the American Review of Respiratory Diseases and the findings remain unchanged by current scientific research. In 2013, the Harvard Medical School studied marijuana use and insulin resistance (IR) and the most important finding, according to Professor Murray Mittleman, was that current pot users displayed a better carbohydrate metabolism than people who didn’t smoke weed. They also had smaller waistlines than their abstainer counterparts! This, said …

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