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How Cannabis Reduces The Side Effects Of Hepatitis C

HCV, or the Hepatitis C Virus, is extremely widespread. It causes severe and chronic liver issues. For more and more people visiting cannabis dispensaries in Santa Monica, weed is helping to manage the symptoms of the virus and the side effects of treating it. So bad are prescribed drugs that many patients cannot endure them, causing major complications and problems in achieving successful therapy. Understanding Hepatitis C Hepatitis C is a dangerous viral infection. The Hepatitis C virus specifically attacks the liver, finding its way there via infected blood. Transmission occurs commonly from sharing drug needles, but it also spreads via tattoo needles, blood transfusions, and even birth. Here an infected mother might pass it to their baby. It is possible to contract HCV through sexual contact, but this is notably rare. Once infected, it could take months, years, possibly decades for symptoms to appear. When they do, they typically …

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