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Why Canadian Weed Companies Are Losing Money and Value

Weed companies has been growing at an unstoppable and rapid pace. Many of its most famous and biggest names enjoyed immense investment gains, driven by industry projections of aggressive growth. After BDS Analytics and Arcview Market logged $10.9 billion in cannabis sales globally last year, the worldwide forecast is likely to quadruple by 2024, especially with marijuana delivery service. Forbes is also excited, citing $30 billion worth of legal sales by 2025. Wall Street believes annual sales will reach $200 billion by decade’s end. Of course, these figures hinge on open trade within the United States. So far so good. On paper, at least. Reality is proving markedly different. It is not meeting expectations, and has not been since the end of March already. Why? Third Quarter Blues Marijuana stocks are currently in a funk. A sizeable funk, at least six months old already, and in Canada’s newly legal marketplace, it …

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