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Concentrates vs Buds: Which Weed Is Best?

You can go to any of the cannabis dispensaries in Santa Monica and find a cornucopia of choices. The abundance of products today can overwhelm many, and then a constrain stream of technological and cultivation advancements widen the confusion even further. Bud lovers see new hybrids and strains every day, and in the concentrate sector, there are various potencies, flavors, and equipment. Flowers vs. Concentrates: Overview With all this choice and innovation, where does a newbie even begin when deciding which is best? Of course, experimenting is necessary, but it is wise to gather information first. Concentrates, such as bubble hash or the older Afghani finger hash, are favorites among connoisseurs and usually someone’s first foray into concentrates. These days, the world of marijuana extracts is far more complicated. Just visit any Santa Monica marijuana dispensary. You will find newer, fancier-sounding names for concentrate, like wax, shatter, honeycomb, distillate, crumble, …

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