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Weed Now a Key Issue in Coachella Valley

Cities in Coachella Valley are struggling to recover from the Great Recession. Now, several municipalities are welcoming medical or recreational weed, some both, with huge smiles, quickly making space for a market that was launching while cities were searching desperately for financial refuge. With the industry now growing, some residents in Coachella Valley are voicing valid concerns. It seems pot issues abound. They worry that the market has been spreading unchecked. There are concerns that local jurisdictions are lax in regulating cannabis business. Others fear that cities are smothering the still new industry and that regulators should reduce rules and taxes. If not, there is a risk that profitable and legal companies could disappear in the near future, giving the market back to illegal dealers. Some are now running for public office. They tired of asking city councils to grapple these issues and decided to take it upon themselves. With …

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