Pot Perceptions

California Culture will Impact Change on Legal Pot Perceptions

California’s now legal recreational pot market will influence change worldwide because of its enormous cultural clout to reshape thinking. Just as California’s television industry “normalized” gay marriages, so too will it caress public opinion into accepting that smoking weed is as normal as eating bacon and eggs for breakfast. There can simply be no denying that throughout the decades, California has been the heart and soul of cultural change – from the flower power hippie era to the clean-cut all-American Beach Boys craze, from the acceptance of homosexuality to the introduction of marijuana as a legal drug for social enjoyment. Since declaring pot legal at the beginning of this year, industry pundits have used taxes and job creation as their springboard for California’s entry into the legal marijuana recreational-use market. But there are those who point to the state’s inbred movie and Silicon Valley culture as the real impetus for …

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