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Pot Questions for Voters this Election Day

This November, when voters poll their ballots, they will be deciding on much more than Congress members, U.S. senators, governors, and other elected officials. At least seven states confirm that they will have marijuana legalization as a question on their ballot initiatives this year, with many other states voting on other pot measures. Some are complex, some are simple, but all are moving toward freedom. Some states are asking voters for full legalization. Others want to know if they want medical weed. At least one wants to clearly define and clarify the laws around hemp. Some measures are statewide; others are local. Some require constitutional change, others only statutory amendments. Moreover, some questions are binding, others merely advisory for elected officials to ponder seriously. Huge Legalization Push Next Month Overall, next month’s ballot will include 36 different and major measures for marijuana reform that span seven states include many proposals …

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