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California Pot Workers likely to be backed by Unions

As pot goes fully legal in California on Jan. 1, we expect to see several new developments in the state’s marijuana industry. Unions are planning to organize individuals working in marijuana dispensaries and the entire industry. According to Labor leaders, the industry will employ more than 100,000 individuals to grow, harvest, trim, process, and do weed delivery. The workers will be drawn from the north coast to the Sierra Nevada foothills and the San Joaquin. The Associated Press says as this multi-billion dollar industry grows, unions expect the membership to grow also. So far three Unions – Teamster, The United Farm Workers, and United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) have expressed their interest to unionize potential marijuana industry workers. If successful, the move could boost organized labor’s lagging membership. Cesar Chaves, co-founder of United Farm Workers (UFW) says that there is nothing unusual about organizing the industry and that is …

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