Potential of Cannabis

Scientists Unlock Full Potential of Cannabis by Mapping Its DNA

Marijuana is an effective treatment for an array of debilitating medical conditions, from muscular disorders to epilepsy and even the side effects of cancer treatments. However, only now are scientists exploring the full extent of marijuana’s medicinal properties, which for now remain largely unknown. In an attempt to understand the full potential of weed, a new research initiative intends to map its DNA. In partnership with Front Range Biosciences, or FRB, a biotech company, scientists at the University of California, Davis, hope to address this lack of knowledge by mapping the cannabis genome. In its own words, the team is conducting this genomic research to “advance understanding of cannabis for medical and nutraceutical uses.” This is not the research team’s first genome mapping project. The group from the University of California, Davis, has mapped the genomes of both the Arabica coffee bean and the cabernet sauvignon grape previously, and now, …

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