Recreational Marijuana in California

Los Angeles is on its way to Becoming the Largest City for Recreational Marijuana

With the historical vote that allowed for the sale of recreational marijuana in California, times are changing.  This has helped California become well on their way to be the biggest city in the country when it comes to marijuana sales.  But, what does this mean for Los Angeles dispensaries?  More importantly, is the city prepared to handle the title? This is not an undertaking that was taken lightly by the city either.  There were dozens of meetings to ensure that certain precautions set in place.  Most notably, was the way that Los Angeles dispensaries were being vetted.  Recreational marijuana California dispensaries had to jump through many legal hoops to be able to dispense cannabis.  This included special zoning licenses as well as specialized permits. One of the hardest tasks that these potential dispensaries had to face was where exactly to open up shop.  As the law stands, they were not …

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