Recreational Marijuana in Nevada

Huge Demand as Nevada Legalizes Recreational Marijuana

Nevada just legalized recreational pot. The first day of legal marijuana sales saw fireworks, long queues, and even a wedding to celebrate the momentous occasion. This is now the eight state allowing dispensaries to sell weed recreationally, and initial sales show that the people of Nevada have huge demands and expectations for the marijuana industry. Recreational Marijuana in Nevada Fireworks rang in the new law, lighting the night sky green. People waited in queues for hours to buy legal weed legal for the first time, and there were hundreds of them. The occasion was festive and highly anticipated. People emptied ATMs across the state in readiness for cash only sales, and they crammed into showrooms to get a glimpse of what the future industry will look like. Even State Senator Tick Segerblom got in on the action. In fact, he was the very first person to purchase legal marijuana in …

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