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Has Marijuana Legalization Caused Higher Use Rates in Adolescents?

The effect of marijuana legalization has had a huge impact on many aspects of those states that take the plunge. Economies are thriving, crime rates are not. Benefits are lucrative and many. However, one of the main concerns of opponents is how teenagers will fare after legalization. Will it make access easier for them? Will kids start using more? Would more children try it? Effect of Marijuana on Teenagers The human brain only completes its development at around 23-years old. Adolescents are still growing. Much controversy exists in scientific communities over the effect of marijuana on developing brains. There is a huge conflict among study results. Many, many studies show weed having several negative impacts on the growing brain, particularly areas responsible for emotion, memory, and pleasure. However, the vast majority of these studies analyzed teenagers who were using heavily already. More recently, scientists are now finding a wealth of …

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