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Marijuana: A Safer Way to Treat Social Anxiety

Social anxiety disorder, literally called SAD, is extremely frustrating. Debilitating. Soul- and life-destroying. For sufferers, any form of social interaction, no matter how mild, can prove overwhelming, insurmountable in its most severe form. Some days, just leaving home can be incredibly difficult. Drug treatments have horrible side effects, and for most, marijuana just may be the answer. Understanding Social Anxiety Disorder Extreme social anxiety is much more than feeling overly shy. In fact, it is highly stressful, causing immense worry about other people and their opinions, even if their judgment exists only in your head. Specifically, social anxiety disorder causes an irrational fear of being ridiculed, humiliated, embarrassed, or worse, in social, public, even performance-focused environments. Because the intensity of this fear causes an aversion to most social settings, sufferers tend to withdraw from their everyday life. The anxiety is so extreme that it interferes with even the most ordinary …

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