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Cuomo Reveals Plan for Recreational Pot in New York

On Tuesday, New York governor Andrew Cuomo released the details of his much-anticipated plan to legalize cannabis recreationally in the state. It would seal cannabis offenses automatically on criminal records, limit access to anyone not yet 21-years old, and increase tax revenues by approximately $300 million. The proposal is long in coming. Plans to legalize have been months in the talking, inevitable. While addressing the budget on Tuesday, Cuomo said that regulating the industry would be in the best interests of public health and safety, as it would force companies to comply with strict product quality and testing requirements. Furthermore, according to the Drug Policy Alliance, by lowering racial disparities in arrest and imprisonment rates, it would also promote social justice and equity. Cannabis Regulation and Taxation Act During his budget address, Cuomo made an impassioned plea, “Let us stop the disproportionate impact on communities of color. Let us create …

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