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When Will Los Angeles License Recreational Weed Delivery?

Recreational pot became legal in California on New Year’s Day. However, although any adult 21-years and older can now buy weed, grow six plants at home, carry an ounce on their person, and use it in the privacy of their homes, there are still laws in place regulating the cannabis industry and its consumers. One is the lack of recreational weed delivery, which Los Angeles plans to address in Phase 3 of its licensing processes. Access to a Marijuana Delivery Service Currently, weed delivery is illegal in Los Angeles. There is just one exception to this rule: Only legitimate medical patients can use a marijuana delivery service, and then only from a licensed medical cannabis dispensary. Recreational users do not yet have access to having drivers deliver to their doorsteps. If you search “marijuana delivery near me,” you will find companies only offer this to medical patients. There are good …

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