REM sleep

Marijuana Promotes A Better Quality of Sleep

Before plunging into the effects of marijuana on our REM sleep cycles, it is important to understand what Rapid Eye Movement is all about.Our brains move through five different cycles during sleep and one of those is known as REM. Let’s Look At The REM Facts: Our brains are almost as active while in the REM stages of sleep as when we are up and about and active Our breathing becomes fast and irregular Scientists believe that REM sleep helps to consolidate our memories The REM sleep stage is reached within 90 minutes of nodding off and this cycle is repeated throughout the night. In fact, the REM accounts for 20% to 25% of an adult’s sleep cycle. We do most of our dreaming during REM sleep which is believed to impact on our ability to learn and on our memory and mood behaviors. Psychologist John Cline, who is a …

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