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List of Solventless Cannabis Extracts

Included in most cannabis delivery these days are solventless extracts. Cannabis concentrates is a popular market growing rapidly with no sign of slowing down. In most legal industry, sales of extracts are climbing consistently as they take larger shares of the market each year. Due to high demand for cannabis extracts, as well as emerging market trends, companies are innovating at a mindboggling pace. This is profitable for leading companies, but for consumers, the phenomenon is especially exciting. Fans do not argue the benefits of having available options. However, not long ago, just a year or two, buying solventless concentrates was difficult. Kief, cold-water hash, and rarely, old-style pressed hashish were all you could get. Everything else came with residual solvents, most notably butane and propane. Unfortunately, solvents are harmful, even in trace amounts. According to Environmental Health Perspectives, the extraction process cannot and does not remove all residual chemicals, …

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