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How Marijuana Stimulates Bone Formation

According to a new study, cannabidiol, or CBD, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis, might boost the healing of bone fractures. It does this by stimulating the formation of new bone tissue. Given the spreading momentum of legalization across the United States, and widespread marijuana delivery, researchers are now discovering the many therapeutic uses of this decades-long prohibited plant. What Prior Studies Say Previous studies have some mixed findings. A review of 79 different clinical trials, all randomized, investigated the effectiveness of the plant’s active compounds, called cannabinoids. According to Medical News Today, it found little evidence to support the use of marijuana therapeutically. Despite this, new research teams continued to study its effects on various medical conditions. Now, many studies prove the effectiveness of cannabinoid therapy. Support for its use is strong and growing. Other research finds success in isolating the psychoactive effects of cannabis from its intended medical purposes. …

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