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Using Cannabis in the Treatment of Hepatitis C

Currently ravaging the population, the Hepatitis C virus, or HCV, causes rampant and severe liver damage. This then causes extreme discomfort and a horde of serious and debilitating problems for sufferers. Even worse, treating it involves unendurable drugs, with side effects so awful most cannot survive them. As a result, many develop even more complications. Treatments get even more difficult. What is Hepatitis C?  HCV is a liver-destroying viral infection. It attacks liver cells, gaining entry via infected blood. The virus spreads mainly among needle sharers, but cases also come from blood transfusions, tattoo needles, and even the birth process. Infected mothers spread it to newborns. Although HCV spreads through sexual contact, such transmission is actually rare. For victims, marijuana delivery now seems the only hope.  Once contracted, the symptoms of HCV can take years, even decades, to manifest. When they do appear, the result is comprehensive medical tests, severe …

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