social impacts of marijuana

Social Impacts of Marijuana Legalization

Ever since Colorado and Washington first legalized recreational cannabis, being the first two states in the United States to do so, the effects on society have been the subject of much study. Now, with many more states have followed suite, and with the rest to join the fray soon, sufficient data exists to show the social impact of legalization as being much the same from place to place, and mostly positively.  It is now clear that legalizing weed has various benefits on society. Statistics from almost all categories, such as social justice, crime, law enforcement, education, safety, public health, and youth programs, seem to flourish. Much of the taxes collected by pot-friendly states goes toward social investments, which include restoring the environment, preventing abuse, improving health care, and much more.  Based on data gathered by years-long research, these are the social impacts of legalizing marijuana:  Social Justice and Crime Data …

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