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Legal Pot Attracting Homeless Folks to Colorado

A new, controversial survey coming out of Colorado claims that over one-third of all homeless jail inmates coming to the state since 2012 are coming, at least in part, for legal cannabis. However, the survey, commissioned by the Colorado Division of Criminal Justice, is stirring tensions. The sheriff calls the results unsurprising, while a pot lobbyist calls it “irrelevant.” Law enforcement made a claim not long ago that legal pot is attracting transient homeless people to the state. The survey, which questioned 507 homeless prisoners housed in seven county and city jails, aimed to verify this assertion. However, the head of the agency responsible for commissioning the survey says that the results barely put the question to rest. The survey found that of all the homeless inmates sampled, the majority had come to the state prior to legalization. The rest, at least 41 percent of them, came afterward, when Colorado …

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