Synthetic Marijuana Overdoses

Synthetic Marijuana Overdoses on the Rise

Marijuana has been used for decades as a safe alternative to certain painkillers and medications. So, how is it possible that people are now overdosing from this seemingly “safe” drug? The truth is that people are not overdosing from marijuana but instead from an imposter. Synthetic marijuana sales are on the rise, but not from the marijuana industry. So before you throw out your stash, know how to spot a fake. The dangers when it comes to synthetic marijuana are on the rise. Even CNN is reporting an alarming number of overdoses. According to, over one hundred people have overdosed in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. This has led the community to issue a serious state of emergency. Overdoses and drug problems are nothing new for this country either. Over the past decade, Lancaster County has had to deal with the overwhelming heroin epidemic. Since heroin is not as readily available …

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