Tax Free Marijuana California

Medical Marijuana could be Tax-Free in California. Was it an Oversight through Proposition 64?

Laws are usually very definitive and any unclear statements could be interpreted otherwise to favor one party. With the legalization of marijuana for recreational use in California, there could have been an unforeseen error. Before the 2016 elections, a number of states had already decriminalized the use of cannabis for medical reasons. In that case, there were well-laid out laws and regulations that govern the production, distribution and sale of medical cannabis. There has been a lot of anticipation from marijuana advocates that improved laws would be enacted to make the situation even better for them. For sure, continued reforms on marijuana kept their hope alive. The greatest developments in recent times, particularly during the 2016 election were characterized by the decriminalization of recreational weed in Nevada, Maine, Massachusetts and California. Still, these four states had already existing medical marijuana programs that had exhibited potential revenue from tax collections. In …

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