Teen marijuana use falls

Against Predictions, Teen Marijuana Use Falls to 20-Year Low

There is no argument that teen drug use is a problem in the U.S. Whether it is due to the opioid addiction or the rise of heroin use, teenagers are not immune. The most important thing to remember is that marijuana is not classified as a dangerous drug. People feared that teenage drug use would be on the rise when states started to make marijuana legal. Luckily for the marijuana community, the exact opposite happened. Here is everything you need to know. History of Teen Marijuana Use The use of marijuana among teens hit an all-time high in the mid-80’s. These studies were done on teenagers and young adults between the ages of 18 and 25. People theorize that this rise was due to the fact that marijuana was currently seen as a dangerous gateway drug. This trend only grew in the 90’s. This was also around the time that …

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