How Long Does Your Marijuana Stay in Your System?

With the legalization of marijuana for medical use, many people are getting interested in this hot topic and are asking a lot of questions regarding its use. One of the most asked questions at the moment is how long the marijuana stays in one’s body after use. To help answer this question, many researchers are now carrying out studies to find out the medical benefits of the drug and the length of time they stay once smoked or taken as an edible. While there’s no one answer for this question, we can explain its effects in many ways depending on how regular it’s used and the body’s rate of metabolism. Besides that, the active chemicals in the medical marijuana determine the effects and how long the last in the user’s system. The Active Chemicals in Marijuana Marijuana has at least two active chemicals namely cannabidiol(CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol(THC). According to experts, …

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