UK Pot Laws

UK Pot Laws Condemned after Epileptic Boy’s Medicine Confiscated

Cannabis laws in the United Kingdom are under attack by members of parliament, who are now criticizing the rules. After a boy with epilepsy suffered his first seizure in 300 days because of the government, who had ordered his physician to refrain from prescribing potentially life-saving marijuana oil to him, they are calling for urgent reform. Charlotte Caldwell, the boy’s mother, says her son Billy, 12, has multiple seizures on a daily basis if he does not use cannabis oil. On Monday, customs agents seized his medicine from her at Heathrow Airport. Caldwell, who received no caution for attempting to “openly smuggle” the oil into the United Kingdom from Canada, was instead invited to the Home Office. While there, she met Nick Hurd, the minister of state, who gave her the news that she would not be getting it back. The move prompted criticism on a large scale. The new …

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