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5 Hyper Cannabis Strains for a Productive Day

One of the oldest misconceptions about marijuana is that it causes laziness, wreaks havoc on productivity. The stereotype for those who enjoy weed is that it destroys motivation, turns users into lazy bums. This is entirely incorrect, if rooted perhaps in some truth. Some strains are relaxing, famous for mellowing you out, causing you to chill, even stay couchlocked in front of the TV for hours.  However, this is not true of all strains. How you feel after ordering marijuana delivery depends enormously on which strain you buy. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, every strain has its own genetics, and therefore, its own effects. Furthermore, not everybody responds to cannabis in the same way. Where some folks may feel sleepy, others become energetic, sometimes even crazily so.  Best Marijuana Strains for Productivity With legalization spreading across the globe, scientists are discovering more about cannabis. People too are …

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