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What next for Black-Market Exports after Marijuana Legalization in the California?

The impact of marijuana legalization in California is still being analyzed by experts in marijuana-related issues. One of the main issues highlighted in the analysis is how the black market will be affected. Just because Proposition 64 was passed in California doesn’t mean everyone in the marijuana business will take part in the highly regulated market through the state government. While a number of these businesses will take part in the legal marketplace, some may lag behind in the black market, which is expected to take a financial hit. The expansion of the regulated marketplace in the state of California and the expansion of businesses that have access to the controlled marketplace in California will endeavor to cut down on any diversion and reduce out-of-state sales. These are reports according to the California Growers Association as presented by the executive director, Hezekiah Allen. Even though marijuana regulation will do some …

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