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4 Types of Drug Tests for Cannabis

Cannabis might be legal in California, and increasingly everywhere else too, but there are still occasions where drug tests might be necessary. Court orders, employer screening: These are some examples. If you need to put marijuana delivery on hold to pass a drug screening for weed, then it might help tremendously to understand just what these tests are and how they work.  Length of Stay in Your Body Several factors will determine how long cannabis will remain in your system. This timeline will differ between people, as age, metabolism and body mass, frequency of use, length of exposure, and even potency all play deciding roles. For most, tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, takes as long as six weeks to leave your body completely on its own. Unlike other “drugs,” it is fat-soluble. Your body stores it.  The more weed you use, coupled with the more weight you carry, the slower it will …

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