weed delivery in california

How to Determine Quality of Buds

It is not easy deciding if cannabis is of high quality or not, at least not without trying it first. Even the most experienced potheads have difficulties telling the difference. A particular strain, for example, can come from various crops of varying quality, which are subject to many conditions, such as climate control, harvesting methods, nutrient feeds, airflow, even curing practices used by the farmer. However, there are ways to tell, albeit subtle ways. It is much the same as choosing your fruits and vegetables, which always has an element of individual subjectivity. When it comes to identifying quality marijuana from, say, herbs, you should consider several factors before you hand over any of your hard-earned cash. Here are some tips to think about when ordering weed delivery in California: Are There Defects? When scrutinizing the quality of buds, look for any obvious issues. Defects, especially glaring ones, suggest a …

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