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4 Ways to Grow Environmentally Friendly Weed

For most, being environmentally conscious is important. We tend to think deforestation, fossil fuels, landfills, and agriculture are the main issues. However, harmful practices in many industries require scrutiny, yet most remain shrouded in secrecy. We fail to consider the environmental effects of growing enough weed, enough to supply all the folks searching “weed delivery Los Angeles” in Google. The impact of the cannabis industry on the environment and on climate change is huge. Despite all of its “green” monikers, staying green while growing green requires significant effort. Cannabis is not environmentally friendly. It uses enormous quantities of water, lighting, land, and packaging, most of which is sadly single use. If producers are not careful, growing weed can leave too large a footprint. 1.Reduce Regulations Causing High Waste Levels Regulations governing the cannabis industry are a direct cause of its unsustainability. For example, most states only allow growers to grow …

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