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Using Aquaponics to Grow Cannabis

Growing cannabis is, for many, an art. There are a few ways to grow it. While “weed delivery Santa Monica” remains a top Google search in the area, more and more, people want to try it themselves. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, aquaponics combines two growing systems: Aquaculture and hydroponics, both very effective on their own and together highly efficient.  Aquaculture farms fish to feed plants. Mostly, growers farm koi, tilapia, or bluegills. Hydroponics is another growing method, one that grows plants directly in water, without using any soil. When combined, the two systems create an almost closed-loop system that provides growers with both fish and plants for food. It can grow all you need, medicine, food, and weed included.  How Aquaponics Systems Work Aquaponics is much the same as hydroponics. The primary difference involves nutrients for the plants. Fish waste provides an excellent source of nutrition …

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