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Is Cannabis Safe with a COVID-19 Vaccine?

After too-long isolation, most people are ready to resume normal life. COVID-19 vaccines are becoming increasingly available. Normalcy is possible. For the recently vaccinated, it is reason for celebration. However, many have concerns about how to mark this milestone, especially with alcohol. What about those of us who prefer weed? Should we order cannabis delivery? Is it safe to use with vaccination?  What Studies Say Currently, there exists no evidence to suggest that either alcohol or cannabis interacts with COVID-19 vaccines at all. The trials did not track or exclude its use, mind you. They paid no attention to cannabis in any way. However, it also found no reports of ill effects anywhere. Not even one case. Since much of the population uses either alcohol or cannabis, some even both, this dismisses any need for concern.  Further, anecdotal evidence suggests no ill effects from using cannabis either pre-vaccination or afterwards. …

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