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SFV OG: Everything to Know

San Fernando Valley is famous. The infamous cannabis breeders, Cali Connection Farms, have been creating cannabis strains from within its lush spaces. Its most popular strain, simply San Fernando Valley OG, or just SFV OG, is a particular favorite across California, even beyond. A regular strain for marijuana delivery to patients statewide, SFV OG contains a myriad of highly valuable medicinal properties. SFV OG: Genetics SFV OG is a hybrid strain with Sativa-heavy genes. It measures around 70 percent Sativa and only 30 percent Indica. This strain is a phenotype of the notorious and much-loved OG Kush, and is itself parent to other famous strains, such as Ghost Train Haze and Tahoe OG. The strain has wide cannabinoid, flavonoid, and terpenoid profiles, giving it a full spectrum edge over many of its competitors. SFV OG: Appearance If sexy buds are what you enjoy, then SFV OG will not disappoint. A …

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