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Will a Cannabis Tolerance Break Make You High Again?

Over time, heavy cannabis users will develop some tolerance to its effects. No matter how much cannabis delivery you order, how many strains you rotate, or how many new ways you try it, near everybody will experience less of a “high” eventually, with effects feeling muted, dissipated after regular use. The more you use, the less you feel. For most, this is extremely frustrating. It is certainly expensive. To overcome these waning effects, some folks are taking drastic measures. Some stop using weed entirely for a while. However, as many radical choices often are, this is actually the most effective solution. Taking “tolerance breaks” allows you to lower your tolerance toward cannabis again, which strengthens its effects, along with how your body and mind ultimately responds to it.  Taking a Break from Cannabis Called a t-break sometimes, a tolerance break is a temporary stop to cannabis use. The goal is …

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