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Why Weed Delivery Supports Protest, Despite Curfew Closing Shop

With riots overwhelming the country and imposing curfews on people and businesses, many are taking a stand now. According to Zack Brown, president of Pot Valet, a legal weed delivery service in California, “This pain of racism and racist actions has plagued our society for long enough. We are happy to lose a bit of money, shut down early, and support all protesters in their legal and lawful right to protest.” Behind the Chaos The death of George Floyd has people out on the streets protesting police brutality, specifically against black folks, and most especially by white cops. Floyd’s death is but the latest in a string of high-profile cases. People are demanding justice, immediate justice, and emotions are running amok, all while authorities fail to take any real action against the perpetrators. For minority groups, the issue is particularly sensitive. As many are repetitively explaining, they experience racism firsthand …

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