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4 Benefits to Smoking Marijuana Before Bed

There is nothing better than a solid night of sleep.  However, did you know that you can make your night better by adding cannabis?  People have been using cannabis at bedtime for decades and perhaps they are onto something.  There are serval benefits to smoking marijuana before bed that will blow your mind.  So, make a late-night call to your favorite weed delivery service and get ready to tuck into an excellent night of sleep.  Here are the top four reasons why you should smoke marijuana before bed. Restless Legs Restless leg syndrome, also known as RLS, is a real thing.  RSL is a diagnosed condition that causes involuntary movement of your limbs during sleep.  In severe cases, RSL has been known to prevent people from entering REM sleep.  REM is the sleep cycle that reenergizes you as well as allows your mind to fully rest.  Without REM sleep, people …

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