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7 Growing Tips for Perfect Bud

With New York recently legalizing cannabis, with other states soon to follow, and with federal authorities talking serious reform, there has never been a more exciting time for weed enthusiasts. You can even grow your own at home, and really, you should at least try. While growing bud is easy enough, much can go wrong. Marijuana delivery is always an option, so just relax, breathe deep and stress less.  You can grow perfect bud by following a few easy steps. Of course, doing some research on your own and learning as much as you can about cannabis in its different growing cycles will help enormously too. Experiment with techniques. Enlist guidance from more experienced friends. Ask questions. If you maintain your growing environment correctly and remember these tips, harvesting perfect bud is easy:  1. Enough Water Cannabis is a thirsty plant. It requires water, as all plants do. Water is …

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