Weed for Elders

6 Reasons for the Elderly to Use Medical Marijuana

Seniors should consume more weed, and they are in ever-increasing numbers. Medical marijuana effectively treats most symptoms associated with the most common diseases affecting the elderly today. It can literally be the solution for seniors stuck in never-ending prescription-based debt, and it can liberate them from taking some of the most harmful drugs known to man on a daily basis. Because marijuana is so effective at treating most medical ailments of our times, it can have a therapeutic effect overall that significantly improves the health, well-being, and quality of life experienced by aging populations. Science is busily proving the medicinal uses of cannabis, and seniors would be wise to consider using marijuana in lieu of their prescription pills. Here are six good reasons for senior citizens to consume medical marijuana: 1. Medical Cannabis Can Save Money on Massive Prescription Costs According to a study commissioned by Families USA, the average …

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